Nanny/Child-Engaging  Services:

This service will be provided by Helpwell through placement of a nanny to households with newborns until toddlers (0 months to pre-school age) whose parents are unable to do their functions or away at certain times of the day.

Services include are as follows

  • Ensure that appropriate childcare, safety and adult supervision are provided to children under her care
  • Facilitate a healthy, child-friendly environment and care that is suitable for  child learning, play, interaction/sociabilty, safety and comfort;
  • Organize and ensure a safe,colorful and lively environment in the child’s  room;
  •  Prepare meals and ensure proper feeding and nutrition of the child;
  • Assure the children’s proper grooming and cleanliness  including diaper  change or regular change in clothes for older kids
  • Manage the child’s daily activities including study time, play dates, park  visits and other child-related activities;
  • If need be, Drive for pick-up/drop-off and chaperone the child to and from  school or other out-of-school activities;
  • Provide help with homework or projects;
  • Assist in handling and mending children’s laundry and do a light  housekeeping
  • Other functions as negotiated by Helpwell